Doing Business... anywhere basically

For some time, the Netherlands has been the world's second largest outward investor, preceded only by the US. With regard to inward Foreign Direct Investments, the Netherlands ranked fifth after the US, the UK, Hong Kong and China.

Consequently, our clients live and think ‘cross border’, when it comes to doing business. In short, they do business… anywhere, either foreign or domestic.

International legal business advisors

Ten Holter Noordam advocaten is located in Rotterdam, which harbours the largest port in Europe. Our clients are characterized by a strong international focus, and so are we. Thanks to the memberships of three international lawyers networks, our firm has access to legal business advisors in 220 countries worldwide. This is has proven to be very helpful for our clients.

White papers: a legal guideline

The lawyers network Mackrell International has joined forces with the accounting network MGI Worldwide to see whether clients can be assisted in setting up and doing business worldwide, with relevant whitepapers. Doing business… anywhere, basically.

The MGI website offers an overview of the various whitepapers on Doing Business internationally.

Are you planning to set up a business in the Netherlands? Or are you a legal advisor consulting business owners about the Dutch legal market? Visit our website and download the white paper “Doing Business in the Netherlands” below for a quick, but in-depth look of the Dutch legal system.

Let us do business together, anywhere.