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Carel van Lynden

Transport and logistics
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Carel van Lynden is a counsel at our firm and has been part of the corporate law department since December 2018. He has 40 years of experience as an attorney at law in the field of maritime law and ship financing. Carel has special expertise in forced sales and marine fuels and is part of the Maritime Industry market area.

From day one in the legal profession, Carel has been involved in maritime and transport law. The international nature of this industry, both in terms of law and clients, makes it a very interesting field in which Carel is well versed. Carel's language skills (he conducts his practice in Dutch, English, French and German) are of course an advantage. He also regularly publishes in legal journals.

In addition to his legal practice, Carel also held the post of Honorary Consul to the Republic of France for 25 years. His also participates actively in society and is a board member of many associations and non-profit organisations.