Dymphy Schuurman

Employment law
+31 (0)88 234 45 29
+31 (0)6 83 16 55 68

Dymphy Schuurman is a partner at our firm and has worked as an attorney at law specialising in employment law since December 2010. Thanks to her practical approach to complex employment law issues, many clients ask Dymphy to contribute her ideas on preventing or resolving disputes. In addition to employment law, Dymphy also specialises in the Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act (Wet normering topinkomens/Wnt).

Dymphy assists many healthcare institutions and manages the specialists working in the Healthcare market area. She has a thorough knowledge of the sector and its regulations.

Together with her employment law colleagues, Dymphy frequently organizes bespoke meetings and workshops for clients to inform them about current developments in employment law in an informal setting. Dymphy lectures in employment law at the Institute for Employment Law & HRM and publishes regularly in various professional journals such as ArbeidsRecht. In her spare time, Dymphy enjoys playing tennis.