Michael de Groot

Administrative and environmental law & Public Housing
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Michael de Groot is a partner in our law firm and specialises in administrative law and real estate law. Michael is expert in the domains where private law and public law overlap, specifically public housing: the area where the government fulfils its duty to provide adequate housing through legislation and regulations. In the Netherlands, the government has transferred much of the responsibilities for this task to housing corporations. He is currently writing his dissertation on this subject.

Generally, he works for public or semi-public institutions such as municipalities, housing corporations and healthcare institutions. Michael is extremely knowledgeable about administrative relations. The great thing about working as a lawyer, in Michael’s opinion, is that you can help clients do what they are good at in a legally optimal way that reduces their risk exposure and maximises their opportunities.

Michael is an extramural PhD student at VU Amsterdam. He regularly writes columns on public housing law for Binnenlands Bestuur magazine. He also publishes pieces on public housing and other subjects relevant to public and semi-public institutions in legal journals.

Michael is passionate about music. “Even when I am at work, a music system and guitar are indispensable items of workplace equipment. And the same applies outside office hours.” He also finds exercise extremely important. “Any opportunity you have for exercise is a gift. Even if it is just cycling to work.”