Ten Holter Noordam advocaten: an independent multi-service law firm in Rotterdam, The Netherlands with a regional and national focus. Our talented attorneys at law and legal specialists have expertise in specific areas and we quickly and efficiently channel assignments to the right specialist.

Exceeding expectations, together.

We believe that our broad legal perspective and practical approach effectively help organisations and entrepreneurs resolve their issues and add value by safeguarding the organisation’s continuity and contributing to its success.

How do we achieve this?

By proactively advising clients as a business partner, pre-empting problems and offering practical solutions to complex legal issues. With a no-nonsense mentality. 

What do we do?

We focus on specific market areas: Building Industry, Government, Healthcare and Maritime Industry. Our attorneys at law are expert in virtually all fields of law that are relevant to these sectors and beyond. They bring in-depth knowledge and strong internal collaboration to the table. As a result, we skilfully find solutions to specialist questions and offer our clients broad support. We call this ‘exceeding expectations, together’.