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Insolvency law

Is your organisation threatened by imminent bankruptcy in the Netherlands? Or has your organisation unexpectedly been declared bankrupt? In addition to all the emotional stress, a bankruptcy is also associated with complex arrangements. In cases like this, we are capable of representing the interests of all the parties, such as creditors, employees, directors and shareholders. Our attorneys at law specialising in insolvency law have extensive personal experience as official receivers in bankruptcy cases and as administrators in moratoriums on payments.

Experience in bankruptcy

Thanks to our experience with winding up bankrupt companies and managing moratoriums on payments, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of company-specific problems in various sectors. In the building industry, for example, in the maritime industry, government and healthcare sectors, and many other industries. Our attorneys at law also act on behalf of shareholders, executive directors and members of the supervisory boards when they are held liable in a bankruptcy proceedings.

Risk identification and guidance when navigating financial problems

Economic ups and downs and political changes can have a major impact on (the viability of) organisations. We identify risks and take action to mitigate them where possible. For example, by arranging a payment schedule with defaulting debtors. Or by advising and setting out a course of action for businesses in financial problems. In addition, we represent creditors, including banks, credit insurers and holders of rights of pledge and mortgage, in procedures that aim to recover as much of their outstanding payables as possible.