Partner for Government

The government is involved in many aspects of daily life that fall within a legal framework. Legal duties are performed, decisions are taken and action is taken to enforce the law. Citizens, other authorities and supervisory bodies critically monitor these processes and ask for transparency. Decisive and effective action, with an eye for political and administrative consequences and respect for the law, requires thorough legal knowledge and extensive experience. The team at Ten Holter Noordam advocaten is your reliable and proactive (sparring) partner in this market area.

We offer you...

Advice, legal counsel and support in the event of (legal) procedures, and a designated contact who knows your organisation well. A sparring partner for your organisation with all the legal knowledge you need. We support your organisation in all relevant areas of law. Regardless of whether you are a competent authority, contracting principal, subsidy provider, licensing authority, party with political responsibility or part of a Joint Arrangement between municipalities.