Exceeding expectations, together.

Ten Holter Noordam advocaten believes that we can exceed expectations, if we work together. This belief is reflected in our organisation: we take each other, the environment and the local community into account as far as possible in our activities and processes.

Acting together, for each other

We invest in the professional and personal development of our employees to give them the opportunity of fully developing their individual talents. In addition, we strive to create a diverse and inclusive corporate culture in which employees treat each other fairly and respectfully, and behave in the same manner towards clients and business relations. With tolerance for different religions, ethnicities, genders and backgrounds.

At Ten Holter Noordam advocaten we are open and honest with each other, and work closely together. We ask each other for advice and honestly state our opinions. There is room for personal initiative and ideas. Equality and informal approachability are important for our company culture.

Acting together, to save the planet

We encourage activities that have a positive impact on the natural environment. For example, we work mainly digitally and use duplex printing as far as possible when documents are required on paper. Furthermore, our office has a spacious bicycle shed and a charging station for electric cars. When travelling inside and outside the city limits, our employees use one of the company’s fleet of bicycles or drive a shared car, e.g. Greenwheels.

We employ catering staff who prepare meals in our own kitchen. They use local, organically produced products as much as possible and try to minimise food waste. For example, stale bread is used to make bread muffins and overripe fruit is a perfect ingredient for smoothies. We try to purchase the products we need from organic producers to the greatest possible extent.

The many cups of herbal PTThee consumed in our office contribute to reversing the loss of biodiversity in the Netherlands. 

Acting together, for the local community

Our social involvement takes the form of sponsorship and support for various cultural, sporting and social activities. This is our contribution to charitable organisations to ensure that they continue their good work and carry on supporting the people they help.

Not only do we donate funds, we also encourage our employees to spend one day a year doing volunteer work. Every employee at the firm has a say in the beneficiaries we select. They include: