Pension Entitlements is a special area of employment law. In addition to the employer and employee, a third party is involved here: the pension administrator (pension fund or pension insurer). For you as an employer, this means that you must take the interests of all parties into account. In a nutshell: you are sometimes involved in interactions between the other two parties because you have a duty to ensure that everything is properly arranged. For the employee, the pension administrator and your own organisation.

Regulations do not necessarily make things simpler

The interests in the world of pensions are huge, both financially and socially. Like other areas of the law, pension entitlements is subject to increasingly complex regulations that also change regularly. Furthermore, European legislation and regulations must also be taken into account. The gap between what employers and pension administrators expect of pension plans, and the expectations of the pensioners themselves is becoming ever greater. Ten Holter Noordam advocaten aims to anticipate future developments by informing you extensively about what is possible and what is not possible. So that your organisation can safeguard the interests of all three parties.

Claim your pension loss

The world of pensions is extremely complex. ‘Claim Uw Pensioenverlies’ (claim your pension loss) offers a procedure managed by experts to help you claim pension to which you are entitled. Do you feel that your pension is incorrect and less than expected? Léon Peeters, a lawyer specialising in employment law, has set up a website called in collaboration with the Nederlands Pensioenbureau, a knowledge institute for pensions.

You can use this website to calculate whether you are entitled to more pension. After speaking to one of our legal consultants by telephone, you can decide whether or not to initiate a claim.

Would you like to find out more about your pension in the Netherlands, pension loss and how to initiator claim? Go to or contact one of our specialists.